Orientation Mission: Cabaret

Tell us your life story. Only the juicy bits, mind you…


Orientation Mission: Community

Submit a mission for players to try and complete by adding it to the comments for this page.

You will receive the points for this mission when your suggestion has been approved by 3 other players.

Suggested missions must meet the following criteria:

Orientation Mission: Collaboration

Negotiate with another player to make an exchange of items.


Let’s play

Another experiment in communicating across languages – this time for a group of students Ana, Yomoh and I have been working with for a few weeks.



My Japanese is far from perfect, but they all seemed to understand what I was trying to say, so that’s ok!

An elephant

We’ve been thinking about different ways to communicate the basics of Emergent Game to different audiences.

During the course of this a new and as yet un-named avatar was created.

Toy modification from The Ludogeographical Society on Vimeo.

Not yet having an official name or Ludens (player/owner) doesn’t seem to have slowed the elephant down at all. He or she seems to have been very busy trying to track down avatars from the previous game.

<a href="http://twitter.com/avalokitesvara">Loki?</a>

http://twitter.com/avalokitesvara ?

http://twitter.com/LeonHerring ?

http://twitter.com/LeonHerring ?


http://twitter.com/egorbeaver ?

http://twitter.com/Dave_the_mouse ?

http://twitter.com/Dave_the_mouse ?

The elephant has also been learning a few bartering skills and satisfying what looks like a strong desire to fly.

Bartering from The Ludogeographical Society on Vimeo.

Flying from The Ludogeographical Society on Vimeo.

We’re not sure where the elephant is now, what the elephant is doing or who the elephant is doing it with, but should you happen to come across the elephant, please stop and say hello.

Orientation Mission: Creativity

Self portrait.


Orientation Mission: Character

Modify your avatar. Go on! Do something cool to it – it’s what is representing you, after all. Maybe it needs a special skill or something?

人形をカスタマイズします。 好例, Rokittの眼鏡や、Mamogのティーシャツや、klingklangのたくさんの鈴や…

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