Emergent Game: Call and Return

(September 2008)

Emergent Game: Call and Return is the second iteration in the Emergent Game series. Play takes place predominantly across the UK and Japan to see how players negotiate playing across different types of spaces.

This game is now in progress. For more information, and instructions for how to start playing, see the game’s page.

Emergent Game

(April-July 2008)

The first in the Emergent Game Series.

Nikki Pugh was commissioned by New Generation Arts to develop a game that utilised pervasive technologies and social networking. It turned into a collaboration with the other members of what is now The Ludogeographic Society and an investigation into how a game framework can be used to provide the impetus for groups to collaborate in creative activities.

For the documentation of the game, please see

The Society is now taking Emergent Game forwards and investigating how it can be applied to different contexts.