Call and Return

Sign-up: now open (see below). Talk with other players online and shape what the game will be.
Mission weekend: 19th – 21st September, 2008.
Mission details: /projects/callandreturn/missions/


Players (also known as Ludens) choose a toy (also know as an avatar) to represent them in the game and are then set simple missions designed to re-frame spaces and de-familiarise everyday objects. Viewing the world through the eyes of your chosen character enables you to experience your environment differently. Work together with other Ludens to construct new possibilities. Surprise us.

As some of the Ludens will be in the UK and some in Japan, there will be variations in what is possible: part of the game experience will be how your avatar negotiates this. Perhaps you will make friends with an avatar in another country and barter things with them by post; perhaps you will be a ‘lone avatari’ with a mission of your own; perhaps you will find new spaces on-line where avatars can interact.

How to sign up:

You are encouraged to sign up now so you can start conversations with the other Ludens and influence the directions the game will go in. By signing up you are agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions. These are mostly common-sense things to keep everyone safe and happy.

  1. Acquire a soft toy (possibly from a charity shop) to represent you in the game. This will become your avatar and is what will represent you throughout the game.
  2. Decide on a name for your avatar. This name should be distinct from your own name because we play anonymously. Try not to reveal your true identity.
  3. Register a Twitter account in the name of your avatar.
  4. Under ‘settings’ add details to your avatar’s profile:
    • Enter ‘emergent game’ as your location. (Not ‘Emergent Game’)
    • Upload a photo of your avatar for your Twitter profile picture.
    • Do not enter any other information that indicates who you are outside of the game .
    • Make sure your updates are not protected.
    • You may adjust the other settings to your own preferences.
  5. Start to customise your avatar so that it better represents you. You may do this in any way that you wish and using whatever resources you have access to. Be advised the game will take place on-line and in the physical world – you may want to take into account the portability of your avatar as you are constructing it.
  6. Seek out other avatars on Twitter and start some conversations. The more you talk, the more the game will evolve to suit you.

The Rules for Twitter:

  1. Do follow other avatars that are clearly part of the game
  2. Do not follow anyone who is not an avatar playing the game. (They may follow you: that is OK, but please do not follow them back).
  3. @TheLudensShow and @emgm_bot are part of the game, but there’s no point in following them. They are not players.

Key Dates:

August 22nd onwards – conversation starts on Twitter
September 4th – play in Japan is likely to start at around this time
September 8th – workshop at hanare
September 13th – workshop as part of Dislocate
September 19th – missions published here
September 19th-21st – complete as many missions as you can (coincides with igfest, Bristol)


The more you interact with other players; the more fun it becomes.
The more you reinterpret the missions; the more interesting it becomes.
Be sociable. Be creative. Take nothing for granted.

Further Information:

Emergent Game: Call and Return is the second iteration in the Emergent game series. You can see the documentation for the first iteration at Take a look at the missions list and the commentary for a flavour of what might evolve out of this version, but don’t be surprised if we end up with something completely different…

Call and Return is supported by:
Arts Council England
Dislocate 08
hanare project